Food Review of Chicago IL

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Now some of the best places to get food in Chicago, IL, is downtown but also surrounding the downtown area. Starting with our downtown area we will show different places that are very high on the list to at least try or go get seconds or thirds at.


Gino’s East, Lou Malnati’s, & Giordano’s

PizzaAll three of these pizza places are the best of Chicago. They offer the best of deep dish pizza with so much cheese that you could actually choke on it. (To be honest I actually have choked on it slightly, but what a good time so make sure to always eat with friends) Chicago pizza is one that is very unique and great.

Star of Siam

Star of SiamNow of all the Thai food that is in downtown Chicago this place is far the best. Just a 1.5 blocks from the Wrigley tower it is the best tasting food I have ever had. They have a peanut sauce that is very creamy with just a hint of spicy.

Grand Lux Cafe

Grand Lux CafeThe Grand Lux Cafe is one of the best places just located off of Ohio and Michigan. While all of the food is very good the one thing that makes this place better than any other place in town is their desserts. A few of their desserts you actually have to place when you order your normal entrees because they take so long to make and they want it to be the freshest for you. Their chocolate molten lava cake is one of the best things I have ever tasted and when you just touch the center a little bit the chocolate in the middle opens and spills all over the hot cake exterior. They also offer a carrot cake that is very fresh and tasty.

Cheesecake Factory

Cheesecake FactoryNow I know that there are many Cheesecake Factories around the United States, but the one reason that this restaurant is so much better to go to is that the whole interior is very cool, metallic, and copper.

One of the best things to get at the Cheesecake Factory besides the cheesecake is to get the Thai Lettuce Wraps. They have chicken that is grilled with lettuce that you wrap the chicken up with. They have a lot condiments that are offered with these wraps.

The last and best thing to get the Cheesecake Factory is to get the plain cheesecake with the hot fudge on the side. Once you get the cheesecake and the hot fudge you have to pour a tiny bit on the top of the cheesecake and keep some on the side. The fudge that they have is a very deep and rich chocolate fudge.

Mity Nice

Mity NiceNow I know a lot of restaurants give bread but this restaurant has one of the best breads in the city while you are waiting for your food. The bread is airy and has a light cheesy taste. I know it sounds weird but it is so good. You definitely have to try it.

The wide selection that Mighty Nice has is also very good. The one thing that is really yummy is the “pub-style fish & chips” because it his freshly fried and when you crunch into the fish the sweet taste of the fried fish just screams pure joy.

Another thing that is really good to get the “broiled lake superior whitefish.” This whitefish is crusted and so flakey. When you take little bites of the fish it is like taking  little bites of heaven.

Food Life

Food LifeIf you are ever downtown and you are with all of your friends one of the hardest things to do is to decide on what kind of food you are going to eat. Food Life is the obvious choice because it is basically a classy food court in a mall. Located right in Water Tower Place it offers all the convenience of being downtown and it offers so many different types of food.

One of the best things that you could get there is at the Mexican stand. They have a wonderful nachos that are always made fresh. The next best thing that they have their is the Italian station where you can choose what kind of pasta and what sauce you can have as well. Everything is so fresh and the food is always good.

Bongiorno’s Cucina Italiana & Pizzeria

micrositeimage_photo1If you are ever in Chicago and you want fresh pizza and the feeling of a small restaurant that the people actually know you is to go to Bongiorno’s. The pizza is not a deep dish but it is tossed to perfection. The one thing that this restaurant has that not many other places around Chicago is that it is very traditional. They offer food that is very authentic to Italy that you can’t get at any other pizzeria.

Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Lawry'sLawry’s The Prime Rib is a restaurant that is set in an older time period that is in a classy environment. They are known for their prime rib that they prepare right in front of your table. The prime rib is tender, warm, and at an all time perfection. One other thing that makes this place so much better is that they have lots of foods that are served with the prime rib.

Rosebud On Rush

Rosebud On RushThis place is one of the greatest Italian food places that I have ever ate at. The authenticity of the food here is great. This is one of the places that I learn that it is okay to eat oil with bread and a little parmesan cheese. I would have never tried it unless they said that it tastes really great and it is authentic.


Taco Nazo Jr.

Taco Nazo JrThis is one of the best taco places of all of Chicago. The horchata is always tasty and sweet but always cold. The tacos always have fresh steak and everything is always fresh. The one thing that makes this better than all of the other taco places around is that they have a sauce which is called creme. Creme tastes like sour cream but it is a lot creamier and thinner.

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