About Me

Hello, my name is Louis Olson. I am currently a senior at Illinois State University in Business Administration. This website is for a class that I am currently in called ACC 255 and taught by Mrs. Broadbent. From this website I hope to learn more about websites and all the wonderful things that can be shared through them.

I currently work in the travel industry right now and I have worked many guest service positions. I feel these experiences have gave me a better understanding of what guest/customers want and need from a company through how an order is processed, information that is accessible and easily understandable, and ultimately producing a reliable product and valuable information that might be needed.

Some other things that I enjoy most are movies, musicals, music, travel, and Disney. I have been able to travel to some really cool places and also experience Disney not most people can. I was able to be a cast member, employee, of Disney through the Disney College Program. Now before I went to Disney I knew that I liked it but after I left I knew that I would never be the same. Through all the training, working, and playing through the Disney parks, in Walt Disney World, I am able to say that through this company I have genuinely learned how to make magic, not witchcraft but more memorable experiences, in the little things in life. Life can’t be just gone through like a cheap product it has to be lived to the fullest and that is what I strive to do everyday.

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